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Mothers are loving, caring, and strong. They are always by our side, no matter what. Show them your appreciation on Mother’s Day with a meaningful gift.

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Every mum is punctual, so you don’t want to be late for her Mother’s Day gift. Create a certificate now to give her an amazing gift without waiting.
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Mother's Day

Mothers are truly special for a reason. They can be our best friends, a shoulder to cry on, and surely they give the best advice. Whether they are your mother, wife or grandmother, they all deserve to be spoiled every once in a while. So you might wonder how you can show your love to them. First of all, make sure that you do not miss Mother's Day 2022 to celebrate your loving mothers. Then you can start exploring some Mother's Day gift ideas.

When Is Mother's Day 2022?

You might wonder, “When is Mother's Day 2022?”. Most countries celebrate it on Sunday, 8th May 2022. However, some countries celebrate it on a different day. For instance, in Norway, they celebrate 13th February while countries like Spain and Portugal celebrate it on 1st May. For most countries, May is the month for Mother's Day, for example, France and Sweden celebrate it on 29th May. In the United Kingdom and Ireland, Mother's Day is attributed to Mothering Sunday thus they celebrate it three weeks before Easter Sunday. This year the U.K. and Ireland will celebrate Mother's Day on 27th March. So Mother's Day is just around the corner. Let’s find out the best Mother's Day gifts.

Best Mother's Day Gifts Ideas

If you are looking for gift ideas for Mother's Day, jewellery might be the perfect option for you. Jewellery is delicate, precious and unique, just like all mothers. Why not surprise the special mother in your life with a sparkly jewellery gift on this Mother's Day. When you are picking jewellery for mum, we recommend you first decide on the piece and then its style. In GLAMIRA, it is possible to find jewellery that will match your Mother's distinct personal style. You can choose from glamorous women’s rings, mesmerising women’s necklaces, enchanting earrings for women and glowy bracelets for women.

Here are the top picks for Mother's Day jewellery. The first person you will buy a gift is most likely your mother. If your mother is a classic and sophisticated lady, you should check out our elegant jewellery options. Our Ceramic Collection is the definition of elegance. You can create a naturally beautiful heart-shaped necklace that will be the perfect necklace for mum.

If you consider buying a gift for your sweetheart, then our brand-new collection, Love / Luv / verb would be ideal for you. Just to give you an idea you can combine a heart-shaped design with beautiful pearls for a last-minute Mother's Day gift for her. Or you can explore our exquisite rings for women. In our collection, there are diamond rings, other precious gemstone rings, and many different styles to choose from.

We can have many mothers in our lives other than our mother and wife. So, we have a Mother's Day gift idea for them as well. For instance, cabochon jewellery would be a unique choice for inspiring mothers. Also, you should discover our newest jewellery designs to catch the latest jewellery trends and give the trendiest piece ever.

Personalised Mother's Day Gifts

As always, with GLAMIRA’s customisation option, you can personalise your jewellery gifts. Inspiring mothers definitely deserve a personalised gift. Add your own touch so that you can create the most original and meaningful jewellery for all the one-of-a-kind mothers. You can use our engraving option to add something special to your jewellery. Or you can explore our Initial & Name Jewellery for a personal design. Once you have decided on a design, you can customise it based on your Mother's preference. Choosing her lucky gemstone or birthstone then combining it with the metal of her choice will make the ultimate Mother's Day present.

Gift Certificate

You might think, am I too late for a Mother's Day jewellery gift? Although Mother's Day is almost here, you can always send a GLAMIRA gift certificate before your gift’s arrival. After you’ve placed your order, you can create a gift certificate and gift it today. You can let the special mother in your life know that an amazing gift is on its way.